Sunday, January 24, 2010

Girl's Dresses

I love making "pillowcase" dresses. No, they are not made out of pillowcases, but they are as versatile as a pillowcase! These dresses are cool during the summer and, when worn with a shirt, are great for the winter too. I always make hair bows that match the dress fabric. Sometimes I even make a baby doll dress out of leftover fabric. I usually make several sizes out of one print of fabric. They are machine washable and already preshrunk.

Drink Coaster Sets

I've sewn up just a few of these coaster sets. They are fun to make- especially seasonal ones!

Drink Wraps

Wrap up your drink to keep it cool! They work well with most cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles. I've made a lot of these in different fabrics.

Reusable Notebook Cover

Reusable composition and small notebook covers are great for dressing up the typical black and white composition notebook. I have really enjoyed mixing and matching colors while making these!


These headbands are great for holding your hair back in the summer. They are reversible- essentially two in one! When they become dirty you can just toss them in with your washing machine! I've made several for my niece, friends, and myself.

Octopus to Love

An octopus to love on...aren't they cute? My grandmother actually makes these and many other creatures in two sizes- mommy or baby.

Crayon Rolls

These crayon rolls are great for kids in the car or anywhere! The crayons stay in organized and in their place- not all over your car or your dog's mouth!